About The Blog & Fashion

‘ Fashion is Always Outrageous’ 

This four-word line means much more than it seems. Fashion is the thing that brings beauty and glamor in our lives. It’s one thing, one thing that makes us different, different from the crowd, it helps us feel like us. I’m not here to give you some intense Fashion Advice, some hard-core outfit ideas, and tips, I’m here to make you feel at home with Fashion.

I started this blog just to make you feel like you are no less than anyone out there, in my life, Fashion has definitely been my savior. I can’t help but relate it to books, it’s always with you, No Complaints & No Demands, just there to make you feel better. I’m here to show you that you have the Fashionista inside you and just one last thing,

Fashion is not what you see in the Awards, Red Carpet or on TV, Fashion is the voice within you, the voice that is your own, the voice that comes out with what you wear. So, if you feel like my blogs and write-up may interest you, just go check out my posts.

Click this link to check out who I am and what Fashion means to me  Fashion & Me..

Also You can find all my other works on fashion Here:


Also, Recently, I have Started writing about other Random Stuff which if you exactly wanna know about, click on the link below to find what the real surprise is, Also, It’s Withhereyes’s first anniversary with WordPress and also its first Birthday, so I just wanted to bring a change in it, so that’s why I have decided what I have, which you will know if you check out my post exactly explaining what I have decided to do now, that will torture you even more.

Wanna Know the SURPRISE? Click Below:



5 thoughts on “About The Blog & Fashion

  1. Hey. I Am glad To see your Passion/love In Your Jargon for Fashion. Would You be willing To help me out in improving my taste In fashion. I want to Have a makeover and i Believe how you carry yourself with the clothes you put On is the best way.

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